Attention Whores

I had a dream in which this happened. It seemed a whole lot funnier while I was asleep; I was all "heh heh heh! they were ALL CONFESSING! wasting time in the investigation! oh those wimmin. so funny!"

Also: I drew the detectives correctly in the first panel, and then I couldn't draw them right again. so sad. nuanced characters are not my strong point haha.

Also Also: WHAT SHOULD THEIR HAIR LOOK LIKE UNDERNEATH THEIR HATS? I was not prepared for this, obviously

Bagel Fairy

Last night I needed something to do instead of being productive on my snow day (puh-leeeez). I had two empty frames sitting around crying to be filled, so I did a little painting of my favorite bird, and a comic. When I was done with the comic I rewarded myself with a blueberry bagel bread.  True story.

Klimt's Salome

Alright, so I skipped a day. Like anyone will notice!

Here's what I did on while Morgan was at work and I had hours to myself. I used the paper from the chopped off hand (remember my self portrait?) and a frame I picked up from the thrift store to paint Klimt's "Salome". It's a favorite, and I've always wanted to paint a copy of it. I was going to do it on a big canvas, but was too intimidated to actually pull that off. So here it is, in all it's 3.5"x12" glory! (The original is on the right)

There are obvious inaccuracies, but I didn't really set out to make it an exact duplicate. I couldn't anyway because the dimensions of my paper were wrong. But I am pretty proud of my paint-by-number skills none-ze-less! I will probably go back and rework the face. The expression I gave her is kinda derp. (among other things) Nose is too big. Boobs came out weird. I AM MY OWN WORST CRITIC GAH.

My only comfort is knowing that her face is about an inch from top to bottom on my paper, whereas Klimt's is almost a foot. So his tiny brushes actually did tiny lines. My smallest 5/0 brush couldn't even make the tiny strokes I demanded. Stupid brush. Stupid acrylics.

Self Portrait

While I was trying desperately to get back in the swing of creating quality artwork, this painting managed to come to be. I was testing out a different look/technique. Gouache isn't new to me, but I'd never used it as a main ingredient. I've included process shots in case you're interested! :)

Warm Man

My sister's boyfriend apparently mumbled something while half awake about being 'Warm Man'. I thought the comic book world needed a hero like that; not too cool, not too lame, and somewhere in between useful and useless. Juuussttt right.

A Wild Rachel Appears!

My older sister Ahna drew this species fact-sheet about me! Check out her blog; she paints real good! And likes to put animal bones in bell jars! (she is not the weirdest of the family)

In my defense, the scowl is only present when Ahna is around. Everything else is true lyf.

New Sketchbooks!

 Happens every time! My dad got me new sketchbooks for Christmas, so I'll probably be able to maintain the drawing craze for a week at least.

(In case you're wondering, the hair was not removed. She walked away before I did anything. And I'm pretty sure someone would have seen me and thought I was super weird, so it's better this way!)

All my dreams have come true

So this happened today.
Ask anyone, I DO NOT sew; and this was really hard for me, even though I basically just reformatted a huge man's shirt. The hat is one of the sleeves that I fixed up! and you can't even see the patched up spot where I cut a huge slit in the bottom of the tunic. There were only two pieces of fabric to choose from, and I picked the wrong one to cut an 8inch gash into.
again, I DO NOT SEW.

**p.s. it is definitely not complete. Everyone knows that Link wears an undershirt and pants. I do not have those things (yet), but once I get them (as well as the gear I'll make) I'll post more shots!**

Since it's Christmas eve, and this post technically made it up after midnight, I'm not posting a comic today.

Posting in 2011...

...feels a lot like posting in 2010. Hm.

This is some random character sketch I did because I'm feeling antsy and wanted to draw a nose like that? Meh. And here's Travis after he gets back from the hospital, cured of his ear infection woes:

I am a bad person. lul.

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