Pop-Up Exhibit!

Going to D.C. today with Travis to see the American History museum's pop-up exhibit, among other things. It's gonna be coollllddd. And my nose will probably drip and I will not be able to feel it (as always seems to happen when I'm walking around in very cold and public areas). Ah, well! Taking advantage of the proximity of the nation's capitol is my duty as a resident of Northern Virginia. The pilgrimage must be made often. The NoVA gods are cruel masters.

It's after 2 in the morning and I am updating this blog. This will all seem really stupid when I wake up in a few hours. LULULULULUL

Stupid Scars

To all you people celebrating Christmas, have a good one. But realize there are those who do not celebrate Christmas today. So when you are done eating your Roast Beast and returning gifts to Tyson's, consider how BORING today is for the rest of us.

And to all you people who are like my family, and will be celebrating on the 7th:

Taffy > Your Cat

Posted before midnight! It counts for today!
To give Taffy, er, Incredicat some credit (lol, Increditcat), he IS pretty cute himself. But not on his Old Man days when he wakes up and looks like an Old Man. We're not sure what causes this phenomenon.

Only Eat Bacon

I don't even know what this is.
I needed to make something with a medium other than pen, so I used a brush and ink. I'm very, VERY rusty. And totally out of the groove of doing quality artwork. So while I hate the way this looks, at least it kept me occupied and notified me of how badly I need to draw more.

I'm thinking a daily drawing challenge for myself for the next couple weeks? yeeeahhh.


I am doing everything in my power to avoid studying for my exam tomorrow. I am running out of viable options with which to accomplish said avoidance. This blog and paint.net are all I have left..

Sad day.

After reading through my notes, I can say with confidence that I find Art history boring.

But, Rachel, what led you to this conclusion?

Could it be the hateful doodles in the margins of my pages? The ones that depict me slumped in various positions of agonizing death?
Could it be the illegibly scribbled notes that I "wrote" while pretending to be awake during class?
Perhaps it's the utterly blank page under the title "Last Lecture: NOT REQUIRED TO KNOW THIS FOR EXAM"? (I fell asleep)
It is all these things AND MORE.

How am I doing well in this class?

Empty House is Empty

Not that this happened today, but it HAS happened, and it's always weird.

Boxcar Children

THOSE BOOKS, not only gave me unrealistic expectations about camping, but made me want a boxcar SO BAD. and that stream that they dammed to make a swimming pool?? NOT FAIR I WANT THAT WHY CANT I HAVE A SWIMMING POOL STREAM. WITH NO LEECHES. OR ALGAE. OR CRAYFISH.
Also, that is not an exact quote from the book.

Fruits of My Labor

I have come to the end of my Editorial Design class, which demanded a 24 page magazine for almost 90% of our final grade. I've been working on this for the past couple months, and I'm pretty excited to see it in printed form!! Made possible by the most understanding friend with print-shop connections <3

Me and my magazine. We're happy together, except when I notice an erroneous indent or misspelled caption. In which case I feel like tossing it into the fireplace to use as kindling. Also when I decide I hate the design of it all, which is all the time. Subsequently, I'm trying not to look at it anymore.

A gratuitous photo-driven article about one of my new favorite artists, Brad Kunkle.

Also, James Jean.

And lastly an article that tells you how to be a cheapskate and make your dried up paints new again. HOORAY FOR CHEAPSKATES!

Study timez

Sorry, no comic today.. I thought I'd be able to squeeze one in but I'm currently in the library trying to write an outline for a super duper important paper due next week, so that's not going to happen. SIGH. carry on. nothing to see here.

This is the start of what I affectionately call the WEEKS OF THE APOCALYPSE (ALSO FINALS). Because of this, blog updates will be few and far between. I have a bunch of really crucial projects/papers, and they are (of course) all due on the same days. I can't allow myself the distraction excuse of "I need to draw a comic for tomorrow!". NO, Rachel, you need to STUDY for tomorrow. And write that 5-8 page paper on a post-modern art exhibit. But I digress.

I won't be posting much. I'll try for twice a week.

Drawing with the Mouse

1. Draw stuff
2. Post on internet
3. ?????

Step one and two: check and double check.

Here's the fatty sitting riiiight outside the door to my room. Because he wants attention, but not cuddles. HOW CAN HE NOT LET ME CUDDLE. HE IS SHAPED LIKE A MEATLOAF. I WANT TO CUDDLE THIS FREAKING ADORABLE CAT. how dare he be so snobbish.

Appendectomy Card

Travis's brother had to have his appendix out :( I made him a card. Thought it was creative enough to share.

The little inflamed appendix is perforated so you can tear it out. PRETTY CLEVER HUH?????

And here's a quicky paper doll of Travis.

As good as the real thing! Maybe better! I'll be making more paper dolls. They are funsies.

To all the soa computer lab users:
Are they REALLY trying to make the sign-in sheet work? I thought only inexperienced freshmen cared enough to sign in. I mean... do we even have a lab monitor? DOUBT IT.

Black Friday is Boring

Yesterday was black Friday. Which means it was SO BORING. Because on black friday you have two options:
I kid you not, the line at Tyson's mall for the Urban Outfitters wrapped from one side of the mall to the other. I should have taken a photo, it was ridiculous. And mind you, this was for the MIDNIGHT OPENING. AND IT WASN'T EVEN 11:30. For those of you unfamiliar with Tyson's (is your home under a rock comfy?), here is a picture to help you visualize:

The smiling sun is the store that apparently sells Nirvana (now at 50% off!!). The blue dots indicate the line. At point A it wrapped around that corner then back, and at point B, the line continued from there to the doors near the exit (which is about two stores down from what is visible in this picture). RIDONK.

So today I drew mini comics. I had more scraps of paper lying around, and I figured the most non-committal way to draw stuff is on tiny bits of paper so if I mess up I won't feel like throwing things. Here are a few. The rest will come tomorrow.

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