25 faces

Here are my daily self portraits so far. This is only 25 of them. I have a total of 27 but two of them I don't like so I'm not including them (I have them laid out so I can string them together for hanging in the arts building. That's why I don't want two fugly ones throwing off the nice 5'x5' display.)

Although only two really look like me, my favorites are the ones the arrows are pointing to!

someone's updating..?

Yeah, no art today from me. Again. I have a lot to put up but no time to sit down and actually upload everything haha.

So here is a link I found to a FANTASTIC artist. His understanding of light and color blows me away... If only I lived in CA, then I could take lessons from him. SIGH.


I'm a mean person. Really, I am. People are just so weird I can't stop the mean-ness! SIGH

Photo Dump

I am a very bad at blogging.

Here's a huge load of photos of the work I've been doing for my figure drawing class (SO MUCH FUN). And, as promised, the 1'x1' self portraits. I have nine so far!

***A disclaimer: I realize that the proportions in ALL the self portraits are off. I know they don't really look like me. But I did them in a half hour each and i didn't have time for any preliminary sketching so bear with me.

welcome week..

Back to classes. That's always fun.

My figure drawing professor is having us do forty nine 1'x1' self portraits, once a day, that take up to 30 minutes, throughout the semester. He wants to get us into the habit of drawing everyday.
In my experience, drawing everyday doesn't usually entail such intense paper wasting. A sketch would suffice! But nay; I'll be drawing my same old mug every day for 49 days. I'll try to post each week's set of portraits on saturdays, just to give you something to look at. And to help me keep track of how many I've done!
I start TOMORROW (hopefully; if the paper I ordered comes in).


I know, it's been forever.

I haven't gotten around to drawing much lately. But I am about to make it up to you with something new and not really exciting.

Have you ever wondered what goes into making one of my comics? Well, now you can know because I recorded a video of the whole mind-numbingly dull process! (I edited out me sketching in the panels because it was just too boring.)

I apologize in advance for 1) filming at bad angles, 2) not filming close enough to the paper, 3) cutting out huge chunks of the process, and 4) the song getting stuck in your head. Oops.

Here's the finished product:


I have always wanted to be a ballerina.
While I was looking up references pictures I found out that I actually have the right body type for it (minus being tall). Go figure! My hyperextended knees are good for something after all.
I have more sketches but they didn't scan right so I'll put them up tomorrow.
Also: sketching on tracing paper is fantastic. I need to do it more often.

Educate Yourself

I'm toying with some new styles and a new medium, brush and ink. This is more graphic-novel-y than I usually make my comics, but it's way more fun to draw. Took FOREVER. The brush and ink is incredibly hard to control, but so, so worth it!

girls girls girls

Sorry I about dropped off the face of the earth, art-production wise. I've been pretty busy. But today I felt the urge to play around a bit with a different style and paint something cute.

This post is brought to you by my hurpa-durp cat and a bad day.

John Singer Sargent

No original art today. Sorry guys.

I just felt like showing you some sketches by my all-time favorite artist, John Singer Sargent. His sketches aren't shown as often as his very famous paintings, but are absolutely breathtaking... If I could have three wishes, one would be to watch Sargent paint, the other would be to have him draw me, and the third would be for a billion dollars. But I concur.

His talent leaves me speechless and feeling 100 times more inadequate and inspired than any other artist.

Look at the necklace in the last one! How did he do that?? How did he make is so clear that she's wearing a a sparkling piece of jewlery with barely any marks? The arms and legs of the men wrestling... He only had to HINT at toes and fingers, but it registers as realism! I cannot even comprehend he artistic genius. And I have to put this one in because I love it so much:

double post

Here's a double post to make up for the lack of comics over the past couple weeks.
"The Lovebugs" is a story as it was told to me by Morgan.


I got back today (er, technically yesterday) from a long, and wonderful trip. This means two things.

One, I have a gazillion ideas for comics, all of which i hope to have drawn up within a week.
Two, I am tired. Which means I won't have one up for you today (Sorry Morgan! I know I said I would, but that was before I sorted through the hundreds of photos of the trip!).

I'll have one posted tomorrow and hopefully get another drawn and ready to go for wednesday.
I hope you'll like them!

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