I went to a small concert the other night and I kept noticing that the musicians' skin turned hot pink under the lights. So I made a little illustration to play around with some colors I usually avoid. I didn't bother drawing in his guitar; I think it's more interesting without it.
A heads up! I'm leaving today for a camping trip and I won't be back til Saturday night. Since I'll be in a tent with no internet (much less a scanner), I won't have daily updates. I do have a couple scheduled so that should keep you occupied. :)


This is kind of my worst fear: that my cat will be rejected by the other cats and won't have any friends ever. What if he's that sad fat kid that east alone at lunchtime? How would I know! He's a cat! Tragic.

Also, this is my first totally digital comic done on my new Intuos. It's definitely taking some getting used to, but I think I'll have it down in a while. As with all drawing tablets, I have a hard time getting steady lines. I have a really heavy hand, so when I draw on paper, the grain tends to guide my lines and keep them from getting jittery. The slick plastic on the tablet is not conducive for this sort of laziness. Ah well. Live and learn!


Heyy no comic for today! I'm going to the beach and taking a couple days off. Updates will return promptly on Saturday. And I'm sure there will be a bunch because sitting in the heat makes me delirious and we all know that delirious comics are the best comics!

Chive & Cheese Biscuits

This isn't a comic but I wanted to share this really awesome recipe with you. I altered it from one I found online.
P.S. when I say the batter will be thick, I mean the batter will be so thick you will assume the recipe meant 1 2/3 teaspoon of flour and you just wrote it down wrong. But no, you got it right. The batter is just that thick. It will taste fantastic in the end so don't you even worry.

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