Self Portrait

While I was trying desperately to get back in the swing of creating quality artwork, this painting managed to come to be. I was testing out a different look/technique. Gouache isn't new to me, but I'd never used it as a main ingredient. I've included process shots in case you're interested! :)

This was supposed to be just a flat or slightly textured wash. Because I was moving too slowly, however, I got this cool faux-wood effect going on. ME LIKEY. I left it.

WHOOPS I had forgotten I was taking process shots! So here we are, basically finished, after adding the darks, and finishing the hair. This is when I made the FaTaL ErRoR of trying to add a hand.

Yeah, so, that's The Hand. I realized the light in the reference painting was coming from a source that would be inconsistent with the light on the face. LAMESAUCE. So I kinda just farted around with it, decided it was disproportionate anyway, and lopped it off in the end. It was going to be holding a necklace, but I left that out.

Here's the cropped and framed final product hanging next to my super stupid $1 cupcake calendar.

More comics coming tomorrrroooowwwwwwwww!

2 responses to “Self Portrait

  1. oh oh oh! i luhvv this so much!

    <3 <3

  2. Oh, but the necklace could have been a source of ~*~tHe LiGhT.~*~

    And I like that one dollar cupcake calendar! WHO DOESN'T LOVE CUPCAKES?!



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