Day 8

I'm not all that great in new situations.
Or in old situations that have continued to plague me for some time.
Or in situations that were awesome at first and have soured quickly.
Or in situations when my breadsticks arrive too late at my table.

Really any situation.

Day 1

Then she warned me about the dangers of buying glasses online. Poor fit? Makes you look old? I'm still not sure what she was getting at.

New Year and New Promises

Well I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions (and quite frankly, this is late on the draw anyhow) but I've fallen off the wagon of drawing daily and I desperately need to get back on it. For my own sanity.

So I'm going to start daily posts again.

I know. I've said this before. But with the help of my sidekick, I'm going to really try to make this happen. I'm easing myself into it with the goal of completing 1 month of daily posts. I will then reward myself with something like lipgloss or nailpolish or an oil change on my car. Then I'll set the goal for 2 months, etc etc.

I'm telling you this so I can try to hold myself accountable. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to harass me if it seems like I might give up.

Don't expect anything too funny or thought provoking or even pretty to look at. If I manage to post an undignified middle finger scribbled on the back of a Target receipt, I will count that day as a success.

So tomorrow today begins my journey. Thanks for listening. Seacrest out.

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