Spring Break

My blog has been extra silent this past week, in case you hadn't already noticed. I just got back from a fantastic eight days with my Best Friend, who lives in Plymouth, Indiana. Home away from home. I didn't do a spot of schoolwork, but I DID get a lot of comics and drawing in! Once I unpack and have a moment to breathe, I'll post em all so you can see me with my new haircut.

Special Day

Do you know what special day today is? 
Of course you don't. To you it's just boring ol Saturday.

But today is special to me and Travis

We're going on a DATE. Yes, that's right.
We've been on maybe half a dozen "Real Dates" during our time together, so it merits nice hair and a good shirt. Maybe.

Turns out I'm not that great at doing my hair. Who knew.

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