Classes begin today. The fear of phone calls feels the same as the impending doom of a new semester.

WOOOwwww that's melodramatic!

But seriously.

4 responses to “Phonecalls

  1. Haha, I love this. I feel the same way! I dig your comics, dood.

  2. Maybe making some practice calls with your beau will help you with this issue.

    I was the same way. For years I would call a number, let it ring once, hang up, and redial it. I was terrified of accidentally dialing the wrong number.

  3. my personal opinion is that EVERYONE is secretly scared of making phonecalls!

    TRUFAX 1: once i (barely) weasled my way out of being a reference for a friend who was applying for a job because i didnt want to talk to their employers on the phone and sound dumb

    TRUFAX 2:I TRIED TO CALL MY DOCTOR TODAY AND WAS SO RELIEVED WHEN I REALIZED I CALLED PAST THEIR OPEN HOURS BY 15 MINUTES. i have to call back tomorrow and i used up all my phone bravery on the phonecall today;_;

  4. Emily -- if only he enjoyed talking on the phone! he claims he doesn't care for it, but i've seen him make phone calls by choice so i'm not so sure :)

    Ahna -- MY LYF (minus the job reference LOL LIKE ANYONE CARES WHAT I SAY)

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