Faces in a Crowd

I've been feeling rusty and un-inspired since my long hiatus. In an effort to loosen up the art muscles, I set out to draw as many unique faces as I could think up. Here are nine. I'm sure I'll continue this exercise later, because it was fun as hell!

A Very Merry Un/Birthday

YEAH so that happened today and I almost missed it! Baby-blog is gonna be potty trained before you know it.

Also whose tomorrow birthday will it be?????????? Traviiissss!! 's

Happy birthday TRAVIS. Happy birthday BLOG. And a good night to you all because I am up waaay past my bedtime.

The Chip Sandwich

Yes, guys, this is a thing. At least it is in my house. I eat this on the regular for some reason. I am not joking around when I say it is basically my favorite combination of random refrigerator-pantry contents.

Consider this the Official Recipe:
Potato bread, mustard, lettuce/spinach/whateverisinthatsaladbag, deli meat, cheese, barbeque or sweet maui onion chips, Italian salad dressing (this is crucial).

Easy vegan version: subtract the meat and cheese! A salad on bread with chips!

You are welcome.

Good Jorb, Homestar

As I mentioned a while back, I found a job for myself and I have been spending about 40 hours a week focusing on a computer. The rest of my time is spent marveling at the weekend and eating. I finally got around to doodling a bit, so I thought I would give you something to look at.

It's a Boy!

I got some awesome news this morning: In December, my best friend will become the proud mom of a baby boy!!! We've all been waiting to find out the sex, and while my fingers had been crossed for a girl ;), I'm exited to meet the little guy!! I can't wait to make all sorts of pictures for his room.

Study of a Woman

While my office job isn't exactly a font of inspiration for my comics, it has certainly lit a fire under me to do more illustration/fine art. I'm going to try to do a digital drawing every night or so.

I'm really pleased with how this came out (and the fact that the brush I used mimics conte on textured paper quite believably!).


This is a shot in the dark (mostly because my lack of posting means a lack of readers), but I'm hoping someone out there in the World Wide Internet can help me.

A few weeks ago I was doing some intense relaxation sketching. I thought it would be a good idea to streamline my brush palette down to the ones I actually use to facilitate the drawing process: some customs, a few presets, and my beloved set of watercolor strokes. In my flurry of sketching (which is actually pretty high-stress), I accidentally DELETED my favorite set of brushes in the world. It was a free set that I found on the internet a while back, so I have no clue where it came from or who made it.

I used them for everything and they were the closest I had found to a digital version of natural watercolors.

I am still upset that I don't have them (or the computer know-how to retrieve them). I'm hoping that someone out there knows the set I am talking about or can tell me how I can get them back.

I checked my recycle bin, my brushes folder.. I tried searching by name (even though I don't remember what it was called), file type, etc, to no avail.

Here are some character traits of these brushes:
-Vector strokes, not jpeg patterns/textures. Meaning that I could use any brushes size I wanted. Also, the brush didn't just 'stamp' or repeat itself. Leading to my next point....
-....Varied in size, shape, and opacity depending on pen pressure. This was the thing I absolutely loved about them. Particularly the opacity. It was extremely intuitive and allowed for excellent layering.
-At least 6 different types of watercolor styles ranging from blotchy, to stippled, to jagged, to pooled.
-They were not pirated or taken from a site without paying. I absolutely know that these were open source and the creator allowed for anyone to use them for creative or commercial pursuits. They might have been from deviant art?

Okay, so this isn't much to go on..... But I'm really hoping someone can help me out! I'll offer a free art commission to the person who finds me these brushes!!!! Heck, I'll even take other brushes that are equivalents.

Thanks, guys.


Where the heck have I been? At work! In an office! Getting paid to figure out coding stuff!
It's not the most glamorous job in the world, but I am still over the moon that I even got it (considering my nonexistent credentials).

But since it's a 9 to 5 sort of deal, I have had basically no time to sit down and draw comics. My office doesn't have a scanner so I couldn't even post a comic on my lunch break if I wanted to (I don't). 

Anyhow, if you have been wondering what has taken up so much of my time that I can't be bothered to draw anymore, the answer is computers. Hooray! I'm sure I'll get into a groove in a week or so and then I'll feel up to doodling again. Until then, be happy for me and my working self.

Power Out

Massive power outages in VA a few days ago has led to a terror of flickering lights. The other night, a storm gave us a power scare and I lost the drawing I was working on as well as part of my sanity.

Today's my first day at my new job! Naturally, there will be comics to follow.

Well Hey There

Hey! Hey you people who read this! I'm finally back in civilization. My camping trip was 'extended' by a couple days because of a huge storm that moved through my region and knocked out our power. We got it back this morning! I've got no art for you as of yet, because I'm still unpacking and gearing up for a JOB that I am starting tomorrow (more on that later!). I'll have something to show once I get my life back together.

Crazy how a few nights in a tent can make air conditioning and electric lights seem out of place.


I went to a small concert the other night and I kept noticing that the musicians' skin turned hot pink under the lights. So I made a little illustration to play around with some colors I usually avoid. I didn't bother drawing in his guitar; I think it's more interesting without it.
A heads up! I'm leaving today for a camping trip and I won't be back til Saturday night. Since I'll be in a tent with no internet (much less a scanner), I won't have daily updates. I do have a couple scheduled so that should keep you occupied. :)


This is kind of my worst fear: that my cat will be rejected by the other cats and won't have any friends ever. What if he's that sad fat kid that east alone at lunchtime? How would I know! He's a cat! Tragic.

Also, this is my first totally digital comic done on my new Intuos. It's definitely taking some getting used to, but I think I'll have it down in a while. As with all drawing tablets, I have a hard time getting steady lines. I have a really heavy hand, so when I draw on paper, the grain tends to guide my lines and keep them from getting jittery. The slick plastic on the tablet is not conducive for this sort of laziness. Ah well. Live and learn!


Heyy no comic for today! I'm going to the beach and taking a couple days off. Updates will return promptly on Saturday. And I'm sure there will be a bunch because sitting in the heat makes me delirious and we all know that delirious comics are the best comics!

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