WOW JEEZ I am the worst blogger ever. I havent posted a comic for two days, and I have no real excuse for it other than "I've been really, really busy". Like, REALLY busy. :c

I actually had a comic started on Thursday, but I didn't have time to finish it before class, and then I went straight from school to work to Travis to home and had no time to do another one. So I apologize. Tomorrow I'll have a double (maybe triple?) post to make up for it. 

Sorry guys. End of the semester. You know how it is.

Lord of the Flies

Vina gave me some pretty textured paper, so I made it into the covers for some little books. Then I had to figure out something to put in said books. So for the first one, I drew an extremely abbreviated version of Lord of the Flies (a personal favorite). It's not the nicest to look at, but I was practicing angles and textures, so I'm happy with it. Since there's no camera lying around, I just scanned it all in so you can see what it looks like in spread-form. Without further ado:


Hm yeah, sorry about that, no update for today. That caught me off guard, because I totally expected to have time for a comic. But with studying and working in the evening, I am beat. I'll have a comic up tomorrow, though! Stay tuned.


Dangit, I was so sure I could get a Saturday post in!! I have two comics on backlog, so I have something to post, but my days have been so busy since I started working that I just didnt get near a scanner. Sorry. Sunday morning (while I put off studying for an exam and writing a big important paper) I'll post a comic. And get another ready for monday.

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