Majestic Beard

This is a re-drawn and colored version of a comic I apparently never posted. I think the original was better because I drew it in like 50 seconds. Ah well!

Also: now that I've figured out textures, am I ever going back to plain coloring?
I can't believe I've been missing out on this for so long!!



So about that post yesterday.

All-Alone week came to an unexpected end earlier this week when Lydia quit her volunteering job (three cheers for Lydia! The job was awful!) which meant CAR. CAR FOR ME TO USE SOMETIMES. Which also meant: not so alone all morning.

Yesterday was the result of this, and I ended up actually DOING stuff, including babysitting for half the day which earned me a real nice lump of cash. I'll have a comic up later today, no worries!

(SPOILER ALERT: It'll probably be about teh cat.)

All-Alone Week Continues: Faulkner vs. Hemingway

I found this list online that consists of authors insulting each other.

Not only does it reaffirm some of my opinions of high-school reading lists (See number 8), but it is ridiculously amusing. Insults thrown by intelligent people never disappoint! My personal favorites were numbers 15 and 14, a back-and-forth between Faulkner and Hemingway.

I had to draw it.

The Start of All-Alone Week

Ahna works from 8-3 starting this week.
Lydia volunteers from 9-3 this week.
My dad works from 8-5 all the time.
My mom is driving Lydia to said volunteering from 9-3 this week.
Travis is working everyday from 8 til 6, 5, and 1 this week.

I am not working this week, and so this leaves me with

-no car 
-no way to leave the house (even the bike is broken) 

     Today is day ONE of:

    I have to find things to do, otherwise I'll go crazy.

    Wedding Card

    My good, good friend Catherine got married yesterday!!! I'm beyond happy for her. Here's the card she got from me, as well as my **cough cough** gift. The design was inspired by a few cards on Etsy.

    I really hope she doesn't read my blog... :/

    Blob Faces

    My younger sister told me about an exercise she saw on a random artist's website. They drew blobs then made the blobs into faces. I, for one, have a great deal of difficulty in coming up with faces that have extremely varied shapes. So I figured I'd give it a go! Here are a few.

    Fun Day

    Yesterday was interesting. Not because anything particularly fun happened, but because it was strange enough to be worth remembering.

    About halfway through the day, our hot water heater decides to spring a "leak". And by "leak", I mean it begins gushing water with such force and amount that everyone in the house is wondering why it sounds like our washing machine is about the explode.

    My mother, bless her heart, is not that great in situations of the stressful variety. After trying and failing to turn off the master water valve, she was shouting at us to call 911. I think Lydia called Dad instead.

    So he came home from work and started fixing the mess. Valves, pipes, tubes... it all had to be replaced. And we had to wet-vac out the three inches of water that filled the furnace room. FUN FUN FUN.

    Then, since my Dad is a handy man and would rather we stay out of his way than offer to help with fixing things around the house, me and Lydia got bored. No water! Nothing to do!

    We couldn't even make pasta! NO WATER!!

    Eventually we figured out something to do with our evening. Aside from bothering the cat.
    p.s. Those 'birds nests things' are actually REALLY GOOD.


    I don't have time for a comic today (until maybe late tonight, but then what's the point!) because a good friend of mine is gettin hitched on Saturday, and I'm making stuff for her gift! I'm really big on hand-made cards, so of course, I'm getting pretty into this. Sorry! But this is just way more important!

    Story of Peaches continues

    I know I took my sweet sweet time churning this one out, but I was constantly turning it over in my head, trying to decide on the best way to portray and write this scene. I think it's kind of boring, but necessary.
    So HERE YA GO!

    >> UPDATE<<
    Anyone catch the inconsistency?? heh heh..

    Itch and Lick

    True fact: Scratch the base of Taffy's tail, and he'll start maniacally licking himself.
    He won't run away; he just starts licking. Shrug.

    I tried something new for this one; a new way of setting up panels/boundaries, plus only using four colors (It's really five because I cheated a bit in panel 2). This was inspired by two artists whose work I greatly admire. I just needed to find out how they did it. Now that I know, I might incorporate some of what I learned into my own work. But this looks a lot like a rip-off right now.

    (A cookie goes to the person who can identify the two specific artists whom I was inspired by!)

    Three Things I Don't Do Well In:

    I was at an outdoor concert yesterday in the 99 degree heat. Then it started raining and it cooled off and everyone was happy! Then it started to hail and storm, and everyone ran away..


    And we stood through the rest of the show in the mud :D It. was. Awesome.

    Compared to Others

    I don't mean for this to be terribly self-deprecating, and I'm certainly not fishing for compliments, but as my sister and I talked about this morning: we hold ourselves to very high standards. Seeing others reach our goals before we do is difficult stuff. We COULD eventually do it, but since we have yet to be able to, it's more crushing than inspiring. As an artist, it makes me feel like I'm just:

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