Shirt Dance

That last post is outdated. I drew it a few days ago, but Taffy has since had his tubes and cone removed. In their place he has a little t-shirt to keep his cuts from getting dirty.

Because the internet was severely lacking a picture of a cat dancing in a shirt.

It's a terrifying reality to face when your cat looks better than you do in tight t-shirts.

Cat Abscess

It ended up draining a couple days later. We took him to the vet so they could clean it up nicely, and he came home looking rooouuughhh:


The "my glasses have been slipping down my nose for the past three hours" scowl.

What Is This Thing

I was going to make this into a much longer comic, but it's like 1:30am and I am so tired. I just had to relay the absurdity of sitting through a lecture hosted by the art alumni that tells us to not go into arts? It didn't make sense to us, either. Special thanks to Scott for making a guest appearance. And for not giving his permission for me to use his (inaccurate) likeness. I guess if you dont ask then they cant say no?
I need to go to sleep.


If you hadn't already noticed, I'm teaching myself Photoshop. And not just in the "resize pictures" and "remove redeye" kind of way. I want it to feel natural and like an obvious extension of my traditional medium art. In an effort to be scientific, I am trying different brushes for different projects. You've already seen the few that I have for comic art. A couple days ago I found some other kinds and here I am trying them out:

Brush Experiments

You may have noticed my layout is different! I was getting sick of the old one and needed a change. This one might stick around or I might find something better. Sorry for the upheaval in your life. I know that my blog is a safe place for you and you depend upon it for regularity (maybe you should try switching to Activia).

Another sketch to figure out custom photoshop brushes. This one uses the brush from yesterday and another one that I found in my collection from a while back.


Here's a story about a Phat Phairie.

She had a Phat bun on top of her head and maybe it was benign her doctor wasn't sure.

Then she ate her friend's linner and it was tasty but a little spicy and she wished she had a glass of milk.

There was some computer sitting.

And then she fell over and haha it was so funny because she was so PHAT.

And then she ate some more but it was only in her head because she didn't actually have any food so she died the end.

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