Klimt's Salome

Alright, so I skipped a day. Like anyone will notice!

Here's what I did on while Morgan was at work and I had hours to myself. I used the paper from the chopped off hand (remember my self portrait?) and a frame I picked up from the thrift store to paint Klimt's "Salome". It's a favorite, and I've always wanted to paint a copy of it. I was going to do it on a big canvas, but was too intimidated to actually pull that off. So here it is, in all it's 3.5"x12" glory! (The original is on the right)

There are obvious inaccuracies, but I didn't really set out to make it an exact duplicate. I couldn't anyway because the dimensions of my paper were wrong. But I am pretty proud of my paint-by-number skills none-ze-less! I will probably go back and rework the face. The expression I gave her is kinda derp. (among other things) Nose is too big. Boobs came out weird. I AM MY OWN WORST CRITIC GAH.

My only comfort is knowing that her face is about an inch from top to bottom on my paper, whereas Klimt's is almost a foot. So his tiny brushes actually did tiny lines. My smallest 5/0 brush couldn't even make the tiny strokes I demanded. Stupid brush. Stupid acrylics.

9 responses to “Klimt's Salome

  1. staring at the two side by side is making me ridiculously self conscious about the end result. i was pretty proud of it TIL I POSTED THE ORIGINAL RIGHT FRIGGIN NEXT TO MINE.

  2. Oh for pete's sake, don't be embarrassed! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. yeah dude, i don't know what you're freaking out about, yours is a pretty decent copy! and from the thumbnail on my blogger dashboard, i thought the picture WAS klimts.

  4. I think yours is perkier than the original.... IMPROVEMENT! :D

  5. Oh, and you could have worked a Triforce in there. ;-)

  6. GOOD GOD you're totally right! D:

  7. I actually thought yours was the original since I assumed that the original should be the better one. I love the face, especially the nose and eyebrows.

  8. OOhhhhhh my gosh... that is such a nice thing to say... thank you!!

    You know, I think mine looks a bit like Lady Gaga. Hm.

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