Wacoms and PCs

The only time I had to draw a comic (yesterday, for today) was at school with the beautiful wacom tablets that students are free to use. The computer lab was full (of non-art students doing non-art related things, I'm sure) and the only computer available was a janky PC looking thing running with a Mac's OS. I think it's a newer addition to the lab's arsenal. Only, they forgot to install the tablet driver.

NO TABLET FOR ME. It thinks it's a mouse. :(

So I am supremely sad because as I'm typing this, there are still no available computers and now I'm stuck at a disabled monitor for an hour before my class. Sigh. Maybe I'll have time to draw a comic after my class.
P.S. The mouse has no scroll wheel. FFFUUUUUUUU

P.P.S. Even MORE lame is that my computer is having a meltdown and deleting files that I like and will most certainly want in the near future. While I get this sorted out (and nuke my computer! HUZZAH), updates might not be very frequent/regular.

I really hate saying this because I grew up an engineer's daughter and this kind of computer was the standard for the nerdy-nerds who need to make everything complicated, but it must be said.

PCs suck.

No wait, I take that back.


In the Car

I did some babysitting the other night, which basically entailed me driving the kid to baseball practice then sitting in the cold, dark car for two hours. Here are the comics that inevitably resulted:
Please keep in mind that it was really dark when I drew most of these, and my hands were cold. They are not my finest, but I lol'ed.


 Burgers are on the mind. This next comic is a true story; I showed a burger joint's website for 'class inspiration', and the professor got such a hankering for a burger that he sent (with 40 of his dollars) me and Scott to get him one. We were told to get ourselves something as well. High five for skipping class for a junk food run!
Unfortunately, their "veggi sandwiches" (what I had planned to get) were just a bun with veggi condiments on it (ie onions, tomatoes, lettuce). AKA a delicious burger with the delicious or burger.
So I got a lemonade.


I actually had comics for today, but I was out at class etc etc and didn't get home til late, so there's no point posting it now when I can post it ALL tomorrow! Sooooo yeah, poor planning on my part. Here you go; compensation!

Middleburg Smithie Boys

Yesterday my sisters, dad, and I went on an expedition to Middleburg, VA; a stupidly quaint little town plopped in the middle of idyllic horse-country. Strange that it's less than an hour's drive from Washington D.C. You look to your left, you see this. You look to your right and you see this. I wish I had friends in Middleburg so I would have more reasons to go. It's so freaking cute!

As you can imagine, all the quaint idyllic-ness was nauseating (in the best way, of course). I had to draw a comic. Or two. Don't get used to this sort of a drawing-dump; school's back in session tomorrow!

$10 Wedding Dress For No-One's Wedding

A few days ago, while at the thrift store, my sisters and I happened upon a handmade, vintage wedding dress. ONLY $20! Lydia and I were convinced, but we decided to leave it at the store until the next day, when we could get it for %10 percent off. But hark! What's that being projected over the loud-speaker?? "EVERYTHING %50 TODAY WITH YOUR MEMBER CARD". And that was the end of that.

It had a tulle neck with ruffles and strange little seed-pod appliques, and the most adorable buttons all down the back. After trying it on for the first time (and realizing we are a tad too large for the dress's old buttons to handle) we decided to nix the buttons and replace them with a corset tie-up. We also trimmed off the tulle neck and ruffles, and snipped off the seed-pods that were littered all over the skirt. So here's the end result! Lydia gets all the props for the photos! We'll probably take more later when we have more time.

Sew Kewl

I bought a dress from the thrift store; super cute, all high neckline and v-back. But it was the approximate length of a nun-dress. So I hemmed it. NOW IT IS SO CUTE I WANT TO WEAR IT ALL OVER THE WORLD ALL THE TIME!

Apologies for the random stray lines and the lack of color. My tablet has decided it hates me :(


Two posts in one day?! CRAZY TALK, AMIRIGHT

These are some of the highlights of the past 24 hours!
I'll post pictures when the wedding dress is finished being altered!

And you may not have noticed buuuut... backgrounds! I NEVER draw in the background. I hate it, I hate doing it, and I hate backgrounds. But I figured if I hate it that much I must be bad at it, so I should practice. These aren't much to look at, and I was gonna color it all in, but my tablet is having problems. Rather, GIMP is having problems with my tablet (ie, not recognizing the damn thing, even though it's been working since Christmas and I was using it just fine for months).

Ahem, Inspiration For You

Apologies about the lack of updates. So here are two comics! the next few days are all ready to go as well.

For those of you who don't know me well, I'm a Graphic Design major and was planning to feed right into the Masters of Art Teaching (MAT) program after I get my BFA next spring. I semi-recently decided to hold off on the MAT until I was sure I, a) couldn't get a job as a designer, b) really wanted to stay in school 2 or 3 more years, and c) wanted to be a teacher badly enough. So apparently my godmother caught wind of this 'change of majors' and decided to talk some sense into me. Because no one can make any money doing graphic design. Ever. Anywhere. Don't be stoopid, stoopid.

If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to talk me out of a degree in art, I would have a lot of dollars. Probably more than I will make in a year as a designer.


IT'S SPRING BREAK! in celebration, no comic. HAH HAH! Well, really it's because last night I frenziedly put together my portfolio to submit for the bfa application. And today I'm celebrating the first day of break with friends, so I have no time. I'll post something tomorrow!

p.s. would any of you be interested in perhaps buying a book of my comics? I'm gonna be making a few this summer (printed through blurb) so if you'd like one, let me know so I can make a bulk order and get them for cheaper :) (They'd probably cost about $25 bucks.)

I lied. nothing for saturday either. I guess the spring break mentality is infecting my artwork. lulz

Illustration Project

Here's a project I did for my illustration class; we had to make an infographic about a topic/series of events/relationship that we had personal experience with. This is pretty similar to yesterday's post, but I spent way more time on it and actually made sketches first!


I had about an hour to kill waiting for class, and I had classical sculpture on my mind from Ancient Art History, so I drew this. Based on The Three Graces (James Pradier, 1831). My graces are kinda lumpy compared to his. Oh well; just an exercise.


This is a drawing I made yesterday (with the same boxes lol) while killing some time. THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAV DISNEY QUOTES. Everything looks retarded because I just did it all from my head. I obviously haven't seen the a few of them in a looong time.

Re Purify & a Thank You

In lieu of a normal comic, I am redirecting you to Vina's blog so you can see the lovely comic I drew fixed for Caleb during class.


I owed this to a certain reader :)
(I haven't the foggiest idea what you look like, so I went with generic white guy. Apologies if any of those adjectives don't apply to you!)

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