Pumpkin Makeover

Every year, the art department at GMU throws an 'Extreme Pumpkin Makeover' contest. Anyone in the school can enter any kind of art piece, as long as it relates to pumpkins. A good friend of mine was in charge of it this year, so I submitted a piece to help out. It was a comic (duhhh) with the panels were all strung together, accordion style. Go figure, it ended up winning the contest hahaha. My sister, Lydia, submitted a drawing and she got best in show! Basically, this year the Semenovs swept the place clean. Here's what I entered:


Just got back from a weekend full of family I haven't seen in 15+ years. Go figure that plenty of them seemed to know about my blog already... thanks mom haha ;)

Gotta get some comics ready for the week!! I know I've been slacking, but darnit this semester has been a busy one. I know I say that every semester, but since when did school get easier? I think my professors look at me and are like,

"Yep, let's assign projects that make that girl rock herself to sleep at night. She looks like she could use some excitement in her life. Besiiiddes, it's not like she has a life!"

THANKS PROFESSORS. I appreciate the sentiment. I really do enjoy having to schedule free-time to do things like read books, draw comics, eat, or sleep. You knoooww. The little things.

So anyway, I need to get some work done because this weekend didn't allow for any of that. Not sure if I'll have a comic for tomorrow, but I'll try my hardest for Tuesday!


I found this image in my comics folder on my computer. It's just a single panel from what presumably would have been a much longer strip. It was labeled "Dream." I don't remember anything about this drawing, and now I am so curious how this dream played out! I wish I could recall what it means! It looks like it was pretty cool..

Dinnertime Serenade

For the record, my playing isn't that bad. Taffy is just sensitive to twang.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I have no update for you today because I'm so busy

("with what Rachel?" "with life, man. LIFE.")

Instead I'll tell you that one of the top phrases that directs people to my blog is "sharpie in her ass."

I'll just...... um... I don't even know what to say about that. Honestly, I am a little shocked. Who is googling that?! And WHY. Sweet lord, WHY. Also: my blog has nothing to do with any of that!!!! I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THAT, YOU HEAR ME?

If you were directed here because you searched for that phrase, go to time out! That's nasty! What's wrong with you? Come on, people.

inb4 "Now that you've typed that in an entry, you'll get even MORE hits because of that phrase" IRONY.

They See Me Trolling

For those of you who had read this entry when it was longer, I just wanted to keep you updated.

I got a personal email from the President of the Board of Directors, apologizing for the emails I had previously received. She was professional and friendly. To show my gratitude (and to show her that I hold no hard feelings for her company) I've removed the original blog post. The comic stays, because it's my artwork that comments on a general topic. But the email correspondence has been removed.

I don't want to defame them; I'm satisfied that the President of the Board heard what I had to say! That's more than enough, and I am extremely grateful that someone listened.

Thanks to everyone who agreed with me and supported my stance. Just because we're students, doesn't mean we're door mats!


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