Fun Day

Yesterday was interesting. Not because anything particularly fun happened, but because it was strange enough to be worth remembering.

About halfway through the day, our hot water heater decides to spring a "leak". And by "leak", I mean it begins gushing water with such force and amount that everyone in the house is wondering why it sounds like our washing machine is about the explode.

My mother, bless her heart, is not that great in situations of the stressful variety. After trying and failing to turn off the master water valve, she was shouting at us to call 911. I think Lydia called Dad instead.

So he came home from work and started fixing the mess. Valves, pipes, tubes... it all had to be replaced. And we had to wet-vac out the three inches of water that filled the furnace room. FUN FUN FUN.

Then, since my Dad is a handy man and would rather we stay out of his way than offer to help with fixing things around the house, me and Lydia got bored. No water! Nothing to do!

We couldn't even make pasta! NO WATER!!

Eventually we figured out something to do with our evening. Aside from bothering the cat.
p.s. Those 'birds nests things' are actually REALLY GOOD.

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