All-Alone Week Continues: Faulkner vs. Hemingway

I found this list online that consists of authors insulting each other.

Not only does it reaffirm some of my opinions of high-school reading lists (See number 8), but it is ridiculously amusing. Insults thrown by intelligent people never disappoint! My personal favorites were numbers 15 and 14, a back-and-forth between Faulkner and Hemingway.

I had to draw it.

4 responses to “All-Alone Week Continues: Faulkner vs. Hemingway

  1. YESSS THIS IS MY LAST RACHELDRAWS FOR THREE WEEKS. I'm going to miss these when I'm in Germany.

  2. well DAMN those are some top knotch roasts.

    i would love to have oscar wilde make up some insults for me. HE SO SPUNKEH

  3. Matt: HAVE A FUN! I'll be sure to have posted at least one comic by the time you get back :D

    Lydia: I KNOW RITE. His burn on Alexander Pope made me

  4. hahahahaaah, omg that gif.

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