Itch and Lick

True fact: Scratch the base of Taffy's tail, and he'll start maniacally licking himself.
He won't run away; he just starts licking. Shrug.

I tried something new for this one; a new way of setting up panels/boundaries, plus only using four colors (It's really five because I cheated a bit in panel 2). This was inspired by two artists whose work I greatly admire. I just needed to find out how they did it. Now that I know, I might incorporate some of what I learned into my own work. But this looks a lot like a rip-off right now.

(A cookie goes to the person who can identify the two specific artists whom I was inspired by!)

5 responses to “Itch and Lick

  1. Pollock; Fairey. What do I win?

  2. Wow you think too highly of me as an intellectual artist. YOU GET NO COOKIE. NO COOKIE FOR YOU.

  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOL corey pays attention to the artists i make fun of. he sure as hell gets a cookie from me.

  4. Anonymous

    So Siiiiiiiick. I LOVE IT.

  5. benjamin

    Lots of cats do that

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