Hourly Comics

Yesterday, on a whim, I did 12 hours of hourly comics. Luckily the day proved relatively interesting. Also, my apologies for 8pm and 9 pm; They were drawn, literally, in a dark theater. hehhh

Seriously, though; that pink pen is demolished. Look at the difference in lines from the first square to the last!! I need me some better pens. Any recommendations? Gotta be durable; I have an annoyingly heavy hand.

One response to “Hourly Comics

  1. Dude, Ahna said the same thing about Mr. Bacon. She was like, "OMG THATS NOT EVEN THE REAL TRANSLATION OMG." I tried calming her down, but she pulled an Electrode and self-destructed. Poor Ahna...she never stood a chance. =(

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