The Start of All-Alone Week

Ahna works from 8-3 starting this week.
Lydia volunteers from 9-3 this week.
My dad works from 8-5 all the time.
My mom is driving Lydia to said volunteering from 9-3 this week.
Travis is working everyday from 8 til 6, 5, and 1 this week.

I am not working this week, and so this leaves me with

-no car 
-no way to leave the house (even the bike is broken) 

     Today is day ONE of:

    I have to find things to do, otherwise I'll go crazy.

    So I took a long shower, did my makeup, and put on a dress I was given as a birthday present.
    It's got flowers on it. (of course it does).
    The I bothered the cat (no surprise). He was as bored as I was, and ended up sort of following me around.
    That got boring reeeaaallly quickly.

    The way I see it, if I'm stuck at home with nothing to do, it would be pretty shitty of me to NOT get some chores done. So I put on some records, turned the volume up high enough to annoy Taffy, then did dishes...
    I also swept, mopped, and did laundry.

    And that brings me to drawing these comics. Taffy followed me (read: "I dragged him") up to my room and was whining while I drew and edited. I gave him the tiny, shallow box that my World's Smallest Post Service came in (a gift from Travis! He knows me so well haha) and hoped he would be distracted content. Before I knew it, he had tried to shift his whole girth into the terrified box. He is too fat for this..

    Here's a song I'm trying to learn on mandolin. The tabs I found are way more simplistic than the real song, but I'm still a beginner so who cares. What does this have to do with my day? Nothing. Unless you count staring at peeling fingertips that are re-growing last year's calluses an activity. I know I do.

    3 responses to “The Start of All-Alone Week

    1. I think that means... more comics for those of us who are ALSO alone and semi-blog-stalking the hilarious and talented people out there on the net...

      (I may or may not be referring to me.)

      (Okay. I am.)


    2. GURL I will post comics with you in mind!

      Power to the shut-ins

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