Tater Tots & Etc.

Guess who's got a big ol' post for you today??
awww yeah.

Back-story to that comic: my dad bought an old copy of King Lear and now knows everything.

After the cut, NSFW: women.

Ah, pin-up girls. So much fun to draw. And yet, so pointless.

Playing around with my NEW PENTEL BRUSH PEN!
This lady wants to arm-wrestle to get her shirt back.
Channeling my inner Klimt with this doodle.

2 responses to “Tater Tots & Etc.

  1. ohmygah, dis post is the bomb diggityy.

    i love the pin-up girls shoesss! where can i get me a pair of those?!

    and that chick with the long drippy hair is fierce. tyra would be so proud.

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