Wacoms and PCs

The only time I had to draw a comic (yesterday, for today) was at school with the beautiful wacom tablets that students are free to use. The computer lab was full (of non-art students doing non-art related things, I'm sure) and the only computer available was a janky PC looking thing running with a Mac's OS. I think it's a newer addition to the lab's arsenal. Only, they forgot to install the tablet driver.

NO TABLET FOR ME. It thinks it's a mouse. :(

So I am supremely sad because as I'm typing this, there are still no available computers and now I'm stuck at a disabled monitor for an hour before my class. Sigh. Maybe I'll have time to draw a comic after my class.
P.S. The mouse has no scroll wheel. FFFUUUUUUUU

P.P.S. Even MORE lame is that my computer is having a meltdown and deleting files that I like and will most certainly want in the near future. While I get this sorted out (and nuke my computer! HUZZAH), updates might not be very frequent/regular.

I really hate saying this because I grew up an engineer's daughter and this kind of computer was the standard for the nerdy-nerds who need to make everything complicated, but it must be said.

PCs suck.

No wait, I take that back.


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