Panera and Etc

Travis and I had brunch the other day. I ate a lot. We talked about travel (London! San Diego! Anywhere but here!), how much I ate, and my doodles of him.

And here is a true story about my life in Ancient Art History with That Professor, drawn during Ancient Art History with That Professor.

One response to “Panera and Etc

  1. Hahaha. Yeah. Art History is an awful lot like that. I had to resort to making flash cards with a quick drawing of the art piece on front then the title, artist, period, date, material, and brief description no the back for all of my art history classes.

    You wrapped up about three of my professors perfectly in that rambling prof panel, too. It would be spot on for one professor except there's a bit lack of health issues, neurosis, and hatred for Oprah Winfrey.

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