$10 Wedding Dress For No-One's Wedding

A few days ago, while at the thrift store, my sisters and I happened upon a handmade, vintage wedding dress. ONLY $20! Lydia and I were convinced, but we decided to leave it at the store until the next day, when we could get it for %10 percent off. But hark! What's that being projected over the loud-speaker?? "EVERYTHING %50 TODAY WITH YOUR MEMBER CARD". And that was the end of that.

It had a tulle neck with ruffles and strange little seed-pod appliques, and the most adorable buttons all down the back. After trying it on for the first time (and realizing we are a tad too large for the dress's old buttons to handle) we decided to nix the buttons and replace them with a corset tie-up. We also trimmed off the tulle neck and ruffles, and snipped off the seed-pods that were littered all over the skirt. So here's the end result! Lydia gets all the props for the photos! We'll probably take more later when we have more time.

3 responses to “$10 Wedding Dress For No-One's Wedding

  1. Wow. That is a good find. Seeing something unexpected for a really good price at Goodwill or the like is a weird sort of cheap thrill. I wish I could have seen what it looked like before alterations, but the results are really elegant. Simpler wedding dresses are nice since they show off the bride rather than the dress.

    Are those peonies in your hair? Good choice. Peonies are supposed to mean happy bride or happy marriage or something like that. I looked up the meaning for a painting I'm making for my cousin.

    This thrift store membership card sounds like a good idea.

  2. I am kicking myself for forgetting to take 'before' pictures!! We got so trigger happy with the scissors that we cut into it before any camera was around. So sad. I have a small grainy photo on my phone.

    Those are indeed peonies! They are fake flower hair clips I made. A couple stalks of flowers from Michaels, some cheap hair clips, some hot glue, and voila! People think you dressed up for the occasion! :D

    And basically all my wardrobe staples were purchased from this one MEGATHRIFTSTORE near my house. It is great, because I have no job LOL

  3. I likes, Semenov.

    And I would also like some peony hair clips.

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