Burgers are on the mind. This next comic is a true story; I showed a burger joint's website for 'class inspiration', and the professor got such a hankering for a burger that he sent (with 40 of his dollars) me and Scott to get him one. We were told to get ourselves something as well. High five for skipping class for a junk food run!
Unfortunately, their "veggi sandwiches" (what I had planned to get) were just a bun with veggi condiments on it (ie onions, tomatoes, lettuce). AKA a delicious burger with the delicious or burger.
So I got a lemonade.

4 responses to “burgers

  1. oh god, A+ for using food as inspiration then getting fed for being inspiring to others

    it's so beautiful i just teared a little

  2. lol. i love how erik has sent 4 of us (including ourselves) to go get him food hahahaha

  3. I owe you a burger and eggs.

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