They See Me Trolling

For those of you who had read this entry when it was longer, I just wanted to keep you updated.

I got a personal email from the President of the Board of Directors, apologizing for the emails I had previously received. She was professional and friendly. To show my gratitude (and to show her that I hold no hard feelings for her company) I've removed the original blog post. The comic stays, because it's my artwork that comments on a general topic. But the email correspondence has been removed.

I don't want to defame them; I'm satisfied that the President of the Board heard what I had to say! That's more than enough, and I am extremely grateful that someone listened.

Thanks to everyone who agreed with me and supported my stance. Just because we're students, doesn't mean we're door mats!


11 responses to “They See Me Trolling

  1. TAKE THAT LANCE, YOU DERP. I posted this on reddit. The internet must know.

  2. Nick

    Saw this on reddit. At first I was like TLDR ... but skimming through, I went back and read it thoroughly. Good job

  3. Anonymous

    you are awesome...Rachel, I applaud you.

  4. Nath

    Honestly, there is nothing there that could not have been said in a more professional manner. It was his choice to use the words he did though. Is he just one of those people that has absolutely no idea how to interact with other human beings? I just don't see any logic to it. He could have gotten all the same points across and just seemed "blunt." Instead he sounds like an asshole.

  5. Nath: I completely agree. A simple "Not interested" would have sufficed!

    Also, spell-check.

  6. bravo rachel. show him whose boss! :)

  7. I think its funny that his response to your final email was so short and defeated sounding. Well done baby!!!

  8. Morgan L.

    I have honestly never loved you as much as I do this minute.
    Congratulations on having the biggest balls of anyone on the face of the planet.
    Lance, what a douche. I hope he cries at night over losing you.

  9. Like a boss. Wouldn't want to be on the end of those emails!

  10. YES. I want to print this out and frame it.

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