To The Podium!

Those nuns. Always with the gesturing and the rulers, why not!
Sr. Jeannine, wherever you are: I HATED YOUR CLASS.

4 responses to “To The Podium!

  1. For women of God, nuns are scary as hell. I had a nun for a music teacher once, and she gave me the worst death glare of my life when I put my head on my desk. Slammed her hands on the table in front of me and everything.

    Hopefully both you and I will avoid oral reports. If nothing else, I've managed to avoid public singing pretty damn well.

  2. I went to a Catholic grade school, so 60% of my teachers were nuns for years 1-8. I tell ya... they could yell something awful. The worst scoldings of my life took place in the classrooms of that school. Memoorrriiieeessssss <3

  3. (completely unrelated to your comic):

    literally ran into this article by accident, haha. good thing i didn't choose it for my topic.

  4. Janine

    Sr. Jeannine was the worst! And her awful recess bell. It pains me to share my name with her! Loved the comic, though :)

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