Just got back from a weekend full of family I haven't seen in 15+ years. Go figure that plenty of them seemed to know about my blog already... thanks mom haha ;)

Gotta get some comics ready for the week!! I know I've been slacking, but darnit this semester has been a busy one. I know I say that every semester, but since when did school get easier? I think my professors look at me and are like,

"Yep, let's assign projects that make that girl rock herself to sleep at night. She looks like she could use some excitement in her life. Besiiiddes, it's not like she has a life!"

THANKS PROFESSORS. I appreciate the sentiment. I really do enjoy having to schedule free-time to do things like read books, draw comics, eat, or sleep. You knoooww. The little things.

So anyway, I need to get some work done because this weekend didn't allow for any of that. Not sure if I'll have a comic for tomorrow, but I'll try my hardest for Tuesday!

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