Looking back, I think my bizarre fashion choices (of 14) were mostly a reaction to not having a uniform anymore. And that ugly little purse was a gift, by the way.

6 responses to “Retrospection

  1. oh shoot, i remember this exact outfit! HAHAHAHAA

  2. Anonymous

    Pics or it didn't happen. Also, the captcha I had to type for this comment was "pubble".

  3. i am so ashamed hahaha. i don't think i have pictures of those pants!! now i gotta go look...

  4. Are you my twin from an alternate universe or something?
    This is so true.

  5. HEY, that "weird shirt" you drew yourself wearing is, in fact, MY shirt

    sister, i am dissapoint.

  6. gurl, at least you could recognize it.

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