I am doing everything in my power to avoid studying for my exam tomorrow. I am running out of viable options with which to accomplish said avoidance. This blog and are all I have left..

Sad day.

After reading through my notes, I can say with confidence that I find Art history boring.

But, Rachel, what led you to this conclusion?

Could it be the hateful doodles in the margins of my pages? The ones that depict me slumped in various positions of agonizing death?
Could it be the illegibly scribbled notes that I "wrote" while pretending to be awake during class?
Perhaps it's the utterly blank page under the title "Last Lecture: NOT REQUIRED TO KNOW THIS FOR EXAM"? (I fell asleep)
It is all these things AND MORE.

How am I doing well in this class?

One response to “DON'T WANNA

  1. Anonymous

    At first I thought you wearing a sweatband in your self-doodle, but then I realized it was your eyebrows, lolololol.

    also: KEANU, U AT DA BEACH, Y U SO SAD??!?

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