Study timez

Sorry, no comic today.. I thought I'd be able to squeeze one in but I'm currently in the library trying to write an outline for a super duper important paper due next week, so that's not going to happen. SIGH. carry on. nothing to see here.

This is the start of what I affectionately call the WEEKS OF THE APOCALYPSE (ALSO FINALS). Because of this, blog updates will be few and far between. I have a bunch of really crucial projects/papers, and they are (of course) all due on the same days. I can't allow myself the distraction excuse of "I need to draw a comic for tomorrow!". NO, Rachel, you need to STUDY for tomorrow. And write that 5-8 page paper on a post-modern art exhibit. But I digress.

I won't be posting much. I'll try for twice a week.

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