Fruits of My Labor

I have come to the end of my Editorial Design class, which demanded a 24 page magazine for almost 90% of our final grade. I've been working on this for the past couple months, and I'm pretty excited to see it in printed form!! Made possible by the most understanding friend with print-shop connections <3

Me and my magazine. We're happy together, except when I notice an erroneous indent or misspelled caption. In which case I feel like tossing it into the fireplace to use as kindling. Also when I decide I hate the design of it all, which is all the time. Subsequently, I'm trying not to look at it anymore.

A gratuitous photo-driven article about one of my new favorite artists, Brad Kunkle.

Also, James Jean.

And lastly an article that tells you how to be a cheapskate and make your dried up paints new again. HOORAY FOR CHEAPSKATES!

3 responses to “Fruits of My Labor

  1. I need to see this. Immediately.
    For real.

  2. And everyone in class loved it... :)

  3. It came out really well rachel!

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