Black Friday is Boring

Yesterday was black Friday. Which means it was SO BORING. Because on black friday you have two options:
I kid you not, the line at Tyson's mall for the Urban Outfitters wrapped from one side of the mall to the other. I should have taken a photo, it was ridiculous. And mind you, this was for the MIDNIGHT OPENING. AND IT WASN'T EVEN 11:30. For those of you unfamiliar with Tyson's (is your home under a rock comfy?), here is a picture to help you visualize:

The smiling sun is the store that apparently sells Nirvana (now at 50% off!!). The blue dots indicate the line. At point A it wrapped around that corner then back, and at point B, the line continued from there to the doors near the exit (which is about two stores down from what is visible in this picture). RIDONK.

So today I drew mini comics. I had more scraps of paper lying around, and I figured the most non-committal way to draw stuff is on tiny bits of paper so if I mess up I won't feel like throwing things. Here are a few. The rest will come tomorrow.

2 responses to “Black Friday is Boring

  1. i have never looked as lovely <3

  2. Oh god, The Human Centipede! D: Can't unsee.

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