A Very Merry Un/Birthday

YEAH so that happened today and I almost missed it! Baby-blog is gonna be potty trained before you know it.

Also whose tomorrow birthday will it be?????????? Traviiissss!! 's

Happy birthday TRAVIS. Happy birthday BLOG. And a good night to you all because I am up waaay past my bedtime.

4 responses to “A Very Merry Un/Birthday

  1. YAY
    Hey Rachel, do you have a Tumblr? You could clean up on that site.

  2. I don't! should I get one? is that what the cool kids are doing? i am so out of The Loop.

  3. I got one about a year ago and people seem to find out about your stuff so much faster on it Although I'll always have a soft spot for Blogger, obviously

  4. Ah I see. Blogger is the new Livejournal and Tumblr is the new MySpace.

    Maybe I'll make the switch; sounds worth it!

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