This is a shot in the dark (mostly because my lack of posting means a lack of readers), but I'm hoping someone out there in the World Wide Internet can help me.

A few weeks ago I was doing some intense relaxation sketching. I thought it would be a good idea to streamline my brush palette down to the ones I actually use to facilitate the drawing process: some customs, a few presets, and my beloved set of watercolor strokes. In my flurry of sketching (which is actually pretty high-stress), I accidentally DELETED my favorite set of brushes in the world. It was a free set that I found on the internet a while back, so I have no clue where it came from or who made it.

I used them for everything and they were the closest I had found to a digital version of natural watercolors.

I am still upset that I don't have them (or the computer know-how to retrieve them). I'm hoping that someone out there knows the set I am talking about or can tell me how I can get them back.

I checked my recycle bin, my brushes folder.. I tried searching by name (even though I don't remember what it was called), file type, etc, to no avail.

Here are some character traits of these brushes:
-Vector strokes, not jpeg patterns/textures. Meaning that I could use any brushes size I wanted. Also, the brush didn't just 'stamp' or repeat itself. Leading to my next point....
-....Varied in size, shape, and opacity depending on pen pressure. This was the thing I absolutely loved about them. Particularly the opacity. It was extremely intuitive and allowed for excellent layering.
-At least 6 different types of watercolor styles ranging from blotchy, to stippled, to jagged, to pooled.
-They were not pirated or taken from a site without paying. I absolutely know that these were open source and the creator allowed for anyone to use them for creative or commercial pursuits. They might have been from deviant art?

Okay, so this isn't much to go on..... But I'm really hoping someone can help me out! I'll offer a free art commission to the person who finds me these brushes!!!! Heck, I'll even take other brushes that are equivalents.

Thanks, guys.

3 responses to “Help?

  1. I tried searching for this:
    vector pressure sensitive watercolor brushes

    However I don't know what format the brushes were. Was it in a plugin format? For which application?

  2. I also found some other useful sites for free watercolor brushes:

  3. Hey, thanks for looking!

    It was a Photoshop brush set, in .abr format (I am almost sure of that).

    I've kinda given up hope of ever finding them again, but I really appreciate the effort!!

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