No comic today; I'm going to Luray Caverns with the family. Instead I'm going to brag about the books I acquired yesterday! I LOVE BOOKS.

This one was a gift from my bestest friend Morgan!!!!
Basically it's 1000 reference pictures of cute butts and red lips. My mom literally called it pornographic. I think it's adorable.
I love it Morgan!!!!
The rest of the books I got while shopping at Borders. They're going out of business, so EVERYTHING is 40-60% off. Kid you not. So Travis bought me this book on Disney animation :3
It's got all sorts of awesome process shots and info about how a movie goes from idea to final product.
This was like $2. How could I say no. Also, the cat illustration is basically the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
THIS WAS ALSO LIKE $2!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! This book is insanely awesome I am still dumbfounded that they had placed it in the EXTREME BARGAIN section!

This one I bought for practicality's sake. It was the most expensive of the lot, ringing up at $23 (down from $40!!). But it's so useful!! It's all about what to charge, how to write contracts, what other people are paying, going rates for illustrations/designing/etc, and how to master the business side of graphic design. I'm going to read it cover to cover.

**edit: noticed Travis in the mirror, reading Moonshine, a book that now costs more than three times what it originally did on Amazon. It was another awesome gift book

3 responses to “Books!

  1. Momo

    Aw! I'm embarressed that your mother thinks I'm sending you porn. Hahahaha.

    But I love you and I'm so happy you like it! You're other books look fun!

  2. Well, I was going to try to avoid going to Borders, but I guess now I've got to. Those books are all crazy cool. Even from your other post on them.

    Hope they inspire you and help you out a lot!

  3. Give in to the gravitational pull of the book store. Just mentally prepare to part with $50 beforehand. I'd love to see what you find!! (three cheers for boooookkkssss)

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