Um. I couldn't help it. I went to Borders again......
An incredible find! The last one on the shelves. A complete book of packaging templates and guides!
There are all sorts of awesome package prototypes in here, from the very basic box to more complex boxes to round things to small shelves and trays... things with handles and things with windows... it goes on and on.
Possibly the greatest part of this while book: the cd of templates in the back!!
I'm in love.

This was also a surprising find!! James Jean's XOXO pack of postcards!
It's 30 of his most famous (older) paintings on some spectacularly creamy paper.
I peed a little when I found it in the bargain section for $6.
Anyone want a postcard in the mail? :)
This one Lydia found and bought: "Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and what We Can Do to Save Them" by Ted Danson. Lydia is a huge conservation advocate, and this book is all about overfishing, pollution, and the effects on the ocean. Besides being an informative read, it is also STUNNING. The design is absolutely gorgeous.
The infographics are the best part. They are beautiful and easy to understand. Reminiscent of National Geographic!
So, my fellow designers: read this book!! Not only will you educate yourself about keeping our oceans healthy, but you'll also learn a lot about choosing an effective color palette, and making killer pull-quotes.

3 responses to “MORE BOOKS

  1. i found that packaging prototypes too! i gave that to tucker haha but got a copy of all those cd templates

  2. I want a postcard!! That ocean book is hotness.

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