Don't Be A Tourist in D.C.

It's August, which means the D.C. tourist season is will be winding down in the next few weeks. So what have we learned during our stays in the nation's capital? Here's some advice from a native!
Don't make the same mistakes twice!

Also, stop taking pictures of yourself with the Washington Monument. You are not the first to think of "holding it up" or "having it come out of your pants". You look a fool.

11 responses to “Don't Be A Tourist in D.C.

  1. Anonymous

    The point about the Washington Memorial is perfect. Also, every point aside from the fishing cat one applies to New York as well. Fuckin' rubes man, fuckin rubes...

  2. Anonymous

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Fishing Cat getting a cage extension?

  3. My understanding is that an extension has always been in the works for the Fishing Cat, along with all the other animals in the "Asia Trail" part of the zoo. The Red Pandas already got theirs; now they enjoy a cushy spot near the Giant Pandas, and are finally getting the attention they deserve (THEY ARE SO CUTE).

    However, the last time I went, the cage wasn't completed. So who knows when it'll actually happen!

  4. Anonymous No. I'm not going to walk up any Escalator. You don't walk up Escalators.

  5. You're right. You should run

  6. Anonymous

    Ummm..those "tourists" (funny how when we (italics here) go someplace else to visit we are "travelers," but everyone else is derisively a "tourist") have just as much right as anyone (maybe more) to visit a place that consumes so much of their Federal tax dollars (and p.s. I'm a Democrat). So instead of channeling your snarky side, why not embrace the people who visit here. Gently remind our visitors, "No eating or drinking in the Metro. Stand on the right and walk on the left." Point out the museum they need to find. (If you are really a Washingtonian you'll already be able to tick them off in clockwise order) and offer to hold the camera for them when they want to take a silly picture! (Those are always remembered fondly once you get home...)

  7. Aww my first blog troll! This is a milestone :) I'll indulge you.

    I have nothing against tourists. It's D.C. It exists to have visitors. Our Consititution demands that citizens have the right to see how their government operates. I am never less than polite and respectful to tourists I meet, or anyone who asks for directions or their picture taken (I often find myself being the one to ask anyway). But there are trends they often follow that I find humorous and sometimes absurd, and I like to blog about it in a humorous and absurd way. And I'm a Democrat!

    Truthfully, I hadn't even thought random people would see this comic. I made it for the amusement of my close friends and the less than 30 followers of my blog. Sure, it's cool that it's up on reddit and it's always fun to know lots of people are reading my comics, but I don't draw to please you or to express the general opinion of the masses. I draw because I can and because the Internet is an open forum.

    So please, no panties in bunches.

  8. Rachel you are perfect! Way to put that guy in his place. I agree with all you said and the comic. Thanks for the laughs.

  9. You are exceedingly welcome!

  10. I'm super tempted to make the first panel into a sticker.

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