Well This Is Awkward.

I don't like doing this, but I'm taking a 4 or 5 day hiatus from bloggin'. I'll be occupied this whole weekend, and the very lasty-last last thing I should be worrying about is drawing a comic. I'll have something for you next week; I'll draw shit over the weekend, it's just a pain in the ass to get it internet ready. I'm sorryyyyyyyy I know I promised everyday updates! I just can't swing it this time.

p.s. shout out to anonymous blutebluteblute from reddit. almost all the hits i get on this site come from something you posted. thank yoouuu maybe i'll draw you a comic or something.

Napkin Doodles

As often happens when someone starts a lecture while people have resources available, Lydia and I drew up some fione artwork during a presentation at my church's brunch. No insult to the speaker, of course.

Can skull-banana-monkey become a meme plz?!


SIIIGH whatta little bitch.

Jillian Tamaki

"In every Concepts class I’ve taught, I’ve tried to instill the idea that sometimes a beautiful drawing is enough. Just as 'surface' style can become dated, so can 'conceptual' style."
Truer words are hard to come by. Here's her blog; she's incredibly talented, so I respect all her opinions about art. If you're looking for the context of this quote, go to her Jan 19th 2011 post (eye makeup how-to illos).

A comic is on its way!! I'm drawing it right naio!

Irrational Fears

This comic was completed with more ease than most. Strange feeling, being able to just plow through a comic without second guessing any of it.
Second Update later tonight!  No time :( busy with an illustration project that took longer than expected. Sorry!


I'm working on a project for illustration class. We can only use pencils, sharpies, pens, and charcoal (b&w basically) to draw four emotion based images. I chose to use sharpies for the darkest drawing of the bunch, which I have been working on for the past 45 min or so. I had forgotten one characteristic of sharpies:

I have been unwittingly huffing sharpie fumes in my poorly ventilated room. Ohhh.... my ssssinuses...

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