Yeah, yeah, I'm late. Again. Sorry :( But I had a legitimate reason for not posting! Here is what I've been making all day:

Business cards! They have the (hand carved and stamped) web address for my Etsy shop. I'm going to be part of a local craft fair, so I figured I needed something people could walk away with even if they didn't buy anything. What better way to deplete my art supplies than by making tons of business cards from scratch?! I carved the stamps and that took the most time to do. The little url was a bitch to carve... the letters are so tiny.

But I am darn proud of these!! Look at the little fish skeletons! LOOK!
 Also, the paper scraps created from chopping the paper were these adorably sized things that I feel compelled to use somehow. I'm thinking itty-bitty drawings? Maybe I'll try to sell em when they're done. Would anybody want one for like, 4 dollars? (1 1/2" x 2")

3 responses to “Cards

  1. Ahna

    i will totes take an itty bitty drawing of taffeh for four dollars

    make him look extra dumb

  2. Ahna: done and done.

    Janine: thanks!!

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