Sleeping in Public

This is my morning.

3 responses to “Sleeping in Public

  1. Anonymous

    MAH LYFE! <333


    Although I usually turn the desk towards the window to diminish the amount of people watching me sleep. Also, if I have the time I just go to one of the cubicles on the 2nd/3rd floor of the JC for MAXIMUM PRIVACY.

  3. i have no shame anymore. i was purged of all shame after i fell asleep in fully lit computer-based lecture among an entire classroom of my peers.

    i fell asleep sitting up, with my head back, and proceeded to drool all down the front of my shirt. i drooled so much, there was a wee puddle on the desk. i dont even know how that puddle happened, but it did.

    no shame. there is no more time for shame ;_;

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