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I am pleased to announce that today begins my foray back into dAiLy CoMiC uPdAtEs! Quell your excitement, my dears. It will probably take a few days for the comics to be anything worth lol-ing at. But I recently was given a whole bunch of fresh sketchbooks and I'm itching to fill them with quality art.


I did it. I finished college. With my grades, motivation, and sanity (mostly) intact.

Last night was our big senior show and we had a huge turn out! I was lucky enough to have my family there for the whole thing. It felt great to finally see my book being read and enjoyed the way it was meant to be. And I am over the moon that people actually liked it! People I don't know! Crazy.

That being said, I was kind of mentally preparing myself to accept that I was now in the Real World and needed to be grown up and responsible (seriously though, is anyone?), and was actually considering shutting down this blog. I figured, hey, I need to find a job, I'll be writing a graphic novel, and I don't think I'll have any time for Rachel Draws. Plus, who gives a shit?

Turns out, some people I had never met before give a shit and I ran into a few at the show. And at least one of them said "I love your blog! Keep it up!"

I'm gonna have a moment here, so no judgment.

I will keep it up, I won't stop posting stuff here. And maybe something really great will come of this sometime down the road. Who knows.

For now I'm settling in for a couple of weeks then I'll be putting myself on a schedule for DAILY POSTS (the cake is not a lie) and maybe sneak peaks at the comic book I'm hoping to finish by September. Morgan, Travis, Ahna, Lydia, Vina, (mom, dad, if you are reading this, you too :), and all you other people who read this but never got a personal shout out, you guys made it all worthwhile. Thanks for sticking with me.


Don't Talk to Me

Topics that didn't make it into the comic but probably should have:
"V for Vendetta is suuuch a good movie."
"Why can't we just drill for oil HERE??"
"Look at this tattoo design I drew!"
"Marx totally had it right."
"...So I gave him the silent treatment."

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