Lord of the Flies

Vina gave me some pretty textured paper, so I made it into the covers for some little books. Then I had to figure out something to put in said books. So for the first one, I drew an extremely abbreviated version of Lord of the Flies (a personal favorite). It's not the nicest to look at, but I was practicing angles and textures, so I'm happy with it. Since there's no camera lying around, I just scanned it all in so you can see what it looks like in spread-form. Without further ado:

2 responses to “Lord of the Flies

  1. It's been a very long since I read this book, but one thing I remember clearly was how dark and depressing it was. I think you captured the mood nicely. Your set up is a lot clearer than what I pictured. My favorite frame is with the hog's head. It's very schizophrenic, I guess. The crowd in the background just seems eerie in that shot.

  2. Anonymous

    oh piggy...

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