I Guess That's Makes Me a Hipster

Lydia's blog directed me to this make-a-hipster-version-of-you generator.

I guess it's a bad sign when I look at the clothes options and I'm like "Oh, I have that" and "But I thought I was making a hipster version of myself?"

BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I LOOK LIKE. Except I usually have more fingers.

Find out that you're already a hipster here! 
p.s. I made Travis too<3

6 responses to “I Guess That's Makes Me a Hipster


    force travis to make one too. hehe

  2. they have a boy version? i will make for him. >:D

  3. right huuuurr:


  4. That's the girl version. I found the boy one!!

  5. omg. you guys next to each other.


  6. I'm almost afraid to check if there's a hipster vina.

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