Happy Holidays

 Okay guys. It's that time of year again.


Don't we all just love the holiday season? The soft glow of your computer screen lighting your sleep-deprieved face, the stacks of papers decorating your room, and the sound of quiet sobbing that seems to fill the night. Inhale that sweet, sweet aroma of winter time and day-old ramen noodles! These are the days you'll remember forever, ladies and gents!

This is my second to last final season ever, so I am trying to make the most of it. And by 'trying to make the most of it', I mean 'trying to not let it consume my life.' I'm pretty sure you can guess who is winning that battle. I literally spend all my time working, eating, sleeping, and hanging out with Travis (read: falling asleep on his bed because I am too tired to go anywhere fun). And when I am not doing those things, I am worrying about having the time to do those things. Mostly the work part. It has gotten to the point where:

I think come December, I'll be so far into finals that I'll just give up any hope of normal sleep and wake cycles, as well as catching the mythical Free Time.

But for now, I am sorry to say I cannot promise comics on a normal basis. You may have noticed the long periods of silence followed by three or fours days of posting. This is because on the last Day of Silence, I probably found time to draw comics so I drew a whole bunch. Then I used them up as the days wore on and had no time to make more. Rinse, repeat. So guys, I'm sorry. You won't hear from me for a while. I'll post whatever I can, but no promises for daily, every-other-day-ly, or even once a week. Stupid finals are killing my soouullll.

This post brought to you by procrastination.

3 responses to “Happy Holidays

  1. Anonymous

    i don't have finals.......

  2. yeah yeah, rub salt in the wound why dont ya.

  3. Anonymous

    i tollololed out loud at the pokemon pic.

    this is lydia.

    i am too lazy to login.

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