Hey, wow, it has been a loooooong time. It pained me to be away from comics for so long.

My trip to Georgia was awesome! I had a great time with my two traveling buddies, Travis and Dylan. The wedding was beautiful, and the pre-party of unlimited free drinks wasn't too bad either :)

But after a hectic weekend and a week of non-stop classes, I've had absolutely no time for art. None at all. Not even a doodle. It's really sad, actually.

I do, however, have something to show you! I got the O-K to put this online recently, so I figured I'd give you a look at what I made over the summer. It's a pro-bono project for GMU's homecoming brochure that I did as a favor for my friend Andrew (hi Andrew!). As frustrating a project as it was (I never have drawn a map before, nor will I ever ever again), I'm pretty happy with the final product! You can actually navigate around campus with this! Well... except for the dorms. I kinda just let those muddle together..... WITHOUT FURTHER ADO.

(I really do recommend viewing this full size)
Ta-Da! A map of my campus! Complete with disproportionate mascot, balloons, and statue! This is all the art I've got for you for now, so take it or leave it :)

3 responses to “Map

  1. you made campus look better than it actually is, ahahaha.

  2. Great job rachel :) Did an excellent job :)

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