My first big project of the semester is DONE. My life for the past week has been this advertising campaign. As you saw in my last post, I ended up taking my own photos (something I've never had to do before). I'm rather proud of how the photos turned out, so here's a sampling of them!

Lo-res files make me feel safe :)

6 responses to “FINITO

  1. protip, yo: only put low-res/small sized photos up and it will automatically deter people from using them. WADDUPPP.


    can't tell if being for reals or sarcastic. LOLOLOL

  3. dude, no, totally for reals

    i seriously had not thought of that.

  4. in addition to making them smaller, also put your blogs address as a watermark/your name and a copyright!

  5. I don't like watermarks! But I'm totally feeling low res so you can be like "ok, you can steal it...BUT GOOD LUCK USING THAT SHIZ MWAHAHA"

    Also, I luff the green beans and brown paper.

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