Photo Dump

I am a very bad at blogging.

Here's a huge load of photos of the work I've been doing for my figure drawing class (SO MUCH FUN). And, as promised, the 1'x1' self portraits. I have nine so far!

***A disclaimer: I realize that the proportions in ALL the self portraits are off. I know they don't really look like me. But I did them in a half hour each and i didn't have time for any preliminary sketching so bear with me.

This was a blind contour and I only liked the head.
We had a fantastic model who literally just sat down and found excellent poses.
My professor and I both really liked this one. I have never done anything like this before, with the lines all... line-y. I WAS PLEASED.
Didn't get to finish this pose, but I liked where it was going. We had to use sighting lines (BLEH. I never draw mine in. Who does that?!) which didn't exactly help me with anything haha.

And here are the one-a-days! (In order from oldest to most recent)

.....I like some more than others :/

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