Here are some other projects I got back now that the semester ended.

This assignment was to make a poster advertising a product/band. I chose chocolate (no real surprise there) and ripped off Mucha's style to make it all girly and stuff. The text makes me want to vomit. As soon as I get the chance, I'm cutting that part off.
There's a bit of a glare on this one, which is why the lines are grayish and not black. Just FYI.

This is my first attempt at the small-scale part of my Drawing I final (It's 3.5" x 3.5"). I decided I didn't like it and made another one, even smaller.

This is the small-scale I actually handed in. I really like it and plan to do a series of tiny, sleeping people.

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  1. Bootyful Rachel. I'm a sucker for Symmetry. And the lady looks like she has some sophistication, now who doesn't love classy women?

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