Day 30!

“Oh what’s that? You had a conversation with someone? Let’s spend the rest of the day agonizing over every stupid thing you said when you should have taken an extra second to come up with a more intelligent reply, and then also the times they were probably judging you silently when you fidgeted with your pen. While we’re at it, why not consider the ways that you are a failure compared to others in your field and age range, and then maybe later we can lapse into a fear induced coma that disables you from coping with simple tasks for a while! Yeah that sounds like a good use of my evening.” —brain 

Since I managed to get through 30 days of dailies, I’m giving myself a day off from comics to cash in at some point this week tomorrow. But, starting tomorrow Friday, I’ll be doing another 30 days of comics. To up the ante, I have to include color in each one. oOoOoOoHhHhH

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My name is Rachel. I like cats, bagels, reading, and the Oxford comma.


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